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Police 29 DWM sn 3541t rig.


Some of the introductory information was presented in previous posts: POLICE 29 DWM, SN 8085t Jan C Still

Lugers in the “s", "t" and "u" suffix serial range were manufactured by DWM (BKIW) during 1929 and early 1930. Many went to the Prussian State Landjägerei (force of 9000) and bear “L" unit markings. Others were routed to the German Navy, German Army, Finnish military, to other police units or to commercial sales. These commercial sales included a few two line Stoeger American Eagles. For more details see Third Reich Lugers page 202 to 218, and Weimar Lugers page 13 to 17, 31 to 33, and 146 to 154.

The Landjägerer unit marked Lugers are all (or almost all) confined to the 29 DWM Lugers and many bear an Eagle/WaA66 stamp on the right receiver.

These "s", "t" and "u" serial range Lugers were previously called 1933 Mauser Sneaks in the mistaken belief that the "L" unit markings found on them indicated paramilitary Nazi units and that the Lugers were secretly reworked by Mauser from surplus Imperial Lugers. The unmarked toggles found on many of the 29 DWM’s suggested that an attempt was made to hide the manufacturer from the Allied Control Commission. In fact, the Allied Control Commission had left Germany in 1928. The "L" unit markings signify the Prussian State Police Landjägerei that rearmed with Lugers in 1929 and 1930 (Kornmayer, Wotka, 1988). Magnetic flux testing and careful examination indicate that these Lugers are of new manufacture. Also, there are at least seven 29 DWM Landjägerei Lugers reported matched to 1929 dated police holsters (These 1929 dated holsters are among the first new manufacture police style holsters).

The 29 DWM has a less gray more polished blue finish and better grip color and checkering than most previous Weimar Era DWM production.


Police 29 DWM sn 3541t rig 2 matching mags and holster with tool

$5,500.00 Regular Price
$4,950.00Sale Price
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