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Luftwaffe Drilling M30 sn 336847 Manufactured September, 1941.  This is an original WWII Nazi J. P. Sauer and Sohns M30 German Luftwaffe survival drilling. They were standard issue to Luftwaffe bomber crews in North Africa and the Mediterranean Theater from 1941-43. They are a three-barreled combination gun, double barrel 12 gauge, over a 9.3X74R rifle barrel. They have a Greener type cross-bolt action with a sliding safety on the left side of the receiver with a barrel selector on top of the tang. They exhibit beautiful pre-war J. P. Sauer and Sohns workmanship which shows a high polish rust blue barrel with a beautiful color casehardened receiver, trigger guard, grip cap and forend attaching metal. They have an oil finished, European walnut stock and forearm. The quality of these drillings, rivals any US manufacturer's shotgun prior to WWII. The rear barrel lug has a single "stick Eagle/2" Luftwaffe acceptance mark and the underside of each barrel has the Commercial "Eagle/N" proofmarks, along with the bore and gauge/caliber markings, "12/65" followed by "941". Both shotgun barrels and the rifle barrel are marked "KRUPP-LAUFSTAHL". The serial number "336847" is stamped on the underside of the rifle barrel, the left receiver rail, rear receiver tang, showing all matching numbers. The right rear breech area of the shotgun barrel is correctly engraved with the large "Luftwaffe Eagle" mark carrying the Nazi Swastika. The barrel has a matted rib with brass bead front sight. The top right edge of the receiver rail is also marked with the intertwined "SS" proof for the Sauer & Sohns factory along with the Commercial Eagle "N" firing proof. Both sides of the receiver are marked with "J.P. SAUER & SOHN, SUHL" with a larger intertwined "SS" logo on the underside of the receiver. The left side of the stock has a small European style oval cheekpiece with a large prominent "Luftwaffe Eagle/Swastika" insignia stamped on the right side of the buttstock with a black plastic serrated buttplate marked in the center with the intertwined "SS" logo of the Sauer & Sohns factory. The top of the receiver tang has a catch. When sliding barrel selector is engaged for the rifle, it raises a folding, 100 meter, rifle rear sight on the barrel rib and engages the forward trigger for firing the rifle barrel. The front trigger can be pushed forward to activate a "single set" trigger. This rifle has a diminutive high quality scroll engraving on the receiver, trigger guard, and engraved screw heads with the forearm and pistol grip finely checkered. This example included the aluminum carrying case that it was issued in which has a gray painted exterior. The interior is divided into several compartments that hold the disassembled drilling, ammunition, cleaning equipment etc. The inside of the lid is stenciled with a listing of the original contents. The lot includes an original three section wooden cleaning rod, a rifle bore brush, three shotgun bore brushes, oiler, original sling, vintage rifle ammo and an original M30 field manual. The length of pull of this drilling is 14 inches.


The first known Luftwaffe accepted Drilling  is 332800 with 332806 immediately after it. Many others are found in the 334600 to 334700 range. Still more are found in the 336700-337825 range, with the last Luftwaffe accepted Drillings being in the338660t-338925 range.

Luftwaffe M30 Drilling sn 336847

$30,000.00 Regular Price
$27,000.00Sale Price
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