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1936 Krieghoff sn. 6139.  This is an example of a Luftwaffe contract Krieghoff P.08 Luger that was manufactured in 1936. It is estimated that during 1936 only a total of approximately 7,400 Luger pistols were manufactured by Krieghoff, inclusive of "S" and "1936" marked pistols. The only official Luger supplier of the Luftwaffe, Krieghoff's output showed a fit and finish more in line with a fine commercial pistol than a military weapon and rate among the nicest contract Lugers manufactured. Fixed sights, with a full "1936" date on the chamber and the front toggle marked with the 1936 "C-2" pattern Krieghoff logo. Matching serial numbers are present on the barrel, frame, extension and small parts, with "Krieghoff Eagle/2" acceptance proofs on the barrel, frame, breechblock and receiver, and the "Eagle" firing proof on the barrel, extension and breechblock. The barrel also has the "884" internal diameter mark on the underside. Fitted with straw colored small parts, niter blue screws and pins, a set of brown checkered grips, and a nickel finished alloy base magazine with a mixed numbered "Krieghoff eagle/2" base although is non matching.

1936 holster included.

1936 Krieghoff sn. 6139

$11,000.00 Regular Price
$9,900.00Sale Price
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