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1918/1920 Erfurt sn 8196 r with holster Weimar and Early Nazi Lugers p.53, 54.  Here we present a World War I Double Dated “1918” & “1920” Luger Pistol, originally made in 1918 at the German Royal Arsenal at Erfurt, Germany. This one was made near the end of the Great War as a military sidearm as denoted by the “1918” date. Once the war was over, this one was returned to the government and the date of “1920” was then stamped large over the original date on the chamber. It underwent a rework at the armory to install the sear block safety.  Unit markings on gun and holster are matching. Marked Berlin E/WaA18.

1918/1920 Erfurt sn 8196 r with marked holster

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