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Very Rare... 1917 DWM sn 7670f with holster and troop horn marked to the same regiment. This is a special rig. Dated holster. 1917 DWM, LP08, SERIAL NUMBER 7670f, MACHINE GUN STAMPED, DETAILS AND WAR HISTORY.1917 DWM LP08 Lugers (often called artillery) are reported in the 248 to 4884w serial range. P08 models are interspersed in the same serial range as LP08's during 1917. About 90,000 1917 dated LP08's were manufactured. The front and rear sight were initially fine tuned. Later in production the fine tuned feature was discontinued on the front sight and then on the rear sight. Less than 1 percent were unit marked.A directive dated August 11, 1917 ordered each infantry company on the Western Front to be armed with 10 Long P08's for attack purposes (Gortz, 1994). A similar directive ordered the arming of the Sturm battilone with Long P08's with 6 extra magazines each (Schad, 1993). This special arming for assault troops would require most of the 1917 Long P08 production (Imperial Lugers, page xxv).Of 800 reported unit marked Imperial Lugers 92 are LP08's and 68 of these are dated 1917. Of these 68, 53 are marked to infantry regiments, 5 to infantry regiment machine gun companies,

6 to infantry regiment minenwerfer companies and 4 to various other units.

1917 DWM sn 7670f with holster and troop horn marked to the same MG regiment

$8,000.00 Regular Price
$7,200.00Sale Price
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