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3 Pistols marked to the Bavarian 5th Field Artillery Regiment set Central Powers Pistols p. 293, 294.  Unbelievable grouping of the Bavarian 5th Artillery Regiment.  All 3 pistols marked to the Regiment.  Includes Regiment history book and 3 marked holsters.  An increible piece of Jan Still history and that of the Bavarian 5th Field Artillery Regiment.  TO BE SOLD AS A GROUPING, 1913 DWM 817a, 1916 DWM 8253d and 1914 MAUSER 25150.  THE GROUPING WILL COME WITH ALL 3 MARKED HOLSTERS AND THE REGIMENTAL HISTORY BOOK. $10,500 price is the price for the entire grouping. Due to picture limit, each rig will be listed separately for buyers to fully review each.

1916 DWM 8253d 1 of 3 Pistols of the Bavarian 5th Field Artillery Regiment set

$10,500.00 Regular Price
$9,450.00Sale Price
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