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1915/1920 DWM sn 4598h.  Non matching mag and there has been some commentary that this was refinished at one point.  We don't see that but please review the pictures and decide for yourself.  Commonly called a double date.  The 1920 represetns govt property.  The unit mark means commander’s office; garrison headquarters Glogau weapon 21.  1915/1920 DWM, SN 4598h, COMMANDER’S OFFICE1915 DWM Lugers are reported in the 220 to 84981 l serial range and were manufactured with a stock lug and hold open. About 105,000 1915 dated P08s were manufactured. Less than 2 percent were unit marked.

1915/1920 DWM sn 4598h

$2,100.00 Regular Price
$1,890.00Sale Price
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