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Jager Bataillon grouping.  Luger, tool, bayonet, unit history book, holster all included.  This particular pistol went through england and has the proofs.


1908 DWM Lugers (often referred to as first issues)are reported in the 1 to 4828b serial range and were manufactured without chamber date, hold open, stock lug, and with commercial style (hidden)serial placement. These were manufactured in 1908 and1909. About 25,000 were manufactured. About 25 percent are unit marked. In a data base with 823 unit marked Imperial Lugers, only 16 are Jager marked (10 Jager and 6 Jager Machine Gun)

1908 DWM 7872 9th Jager Bataillon marked, Jager Bataillon grouping

$4,500.00 Regular Price
$4,050.00Sale Price
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