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1902 German Test GRIP SAFETY sn 22362.  This is a rare example of a unique early DWM Model 1902 Prototype Test Luger. For many years it was theorized that this series of Lugers was produced for an early 1902 Imperial German Army tests, as some examples were noted as having a script letter "D" proof (this example does not have the aforementioned proof), giving rise to the theory that they were intended as a Danzig Imperial Army Test Luger. However, that theory has been disproved, as there was no substantiating data to support that. However, recently this series or group of Lugers has been theorized that they were actually manufactured in late 1903/04 possibly as a Dutch Army Test Luger, shortly before a similar small batch of test lugers were produced for the French Army pistol test of 1904. It is quite interesting that at this time the DWM factory had finished producing early Swiss Trials Luger pistols, then had produced several prototype Lugers in the 10,000B serial number block making significant design changes, and then started manufacturing a small block of test luger in the 22223-22400 serial number range. Then shortly after this they manufactured the 50 each Powell Test lugers for the US Military. Regardless of the true meaning or intent of this model it is very certain that these Test Lugers were actually produced. These early Lugers all have the early characteristics of the 1902 design with the dished toggles with toggle lock, flat recessed breechblock with the long flat extractor spring and the first pattern safety with the polished, but unmarked lower frame area. However this specific pistol is one of those that was manufactured in the new "9mm Luger" cartridge that had just been developed. As such it has the short 3 7/8 inch barrel, however it still has the old style short frame and receiver with the wide trigger guard bow, narrow trigger, flat recoil spring and wider grip safety. There are usually no factory markings on these Lugers (not even the DWM Logo). While this example is completely void of any factory proof or acceptance marks aside from the serial number, (22362). These pistols were numbered in the commercial manner with the full serial number (22362) on the frame and underside of the barrel with the last 2-3 digits of the serial number on the various smaller parts, that include the breechblock and toggle assembly, side plate, trigger, takedown lever and grip safety. In addition, this example is also stamped with the partial serial number (362) on the left side of the frame web under the grip safety. The pistol has a rust blued finish overall with the small components have the correct straw colored finish, and it is fitted with a set of unnumbered checkered walnut grips. It is complete with a polished steel commercial magazine that has wooden base marked "9 Cal. M/M". This is certainly one of those rare Luger prototypes that no one is quite certain what they were intended for.

1902 German Test GRIP SAFETY sn 22362

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